Hanoi must take the lead in developing the digital economy, digital society, and digital citizens
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Hanoi must take the lead in developing the digital economy, digital society, and digital citizens

On the morning of June 28, at the headquarters of the People’s Committee of Hanoi, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh, Chairman of the National Committee on Digital Transformation attended the 6-month preliminary conference of 2024 implementing Project 06/Government , evaluating the results of piloting electronic health records, issuing criminal record cards on the VNeID application and announcing the operation of a number of platforms and applications of Project 06/Government in Hanoi city. Noi.

Also attending the conference were Party Central Committee members: Minister of Public Security, Senior Lieutenant General Luong Tam Quang; Minister of Health Dao Hong Lan; Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee Nguyen Thi Tuyen; Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee Tran Sy Thanh; representatives of leaders of ministries, departments, central agencies and 15 provinces and cities across the country.

The conference was connected online to points in 30 districts, towns and 579 communes, wards and towns of the city and the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, with more than 33 thousand delegates attending.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh gave a speech at the conference.

Implementing Project 06, Hanoi is the locality assigned by the Government to pilot a number of tasks as a basis for evaluation before expanding. After a period of research, implementation, and piloting, Hanoi organized an evaluation of the results of establishing electronic health records, issuing criminal records on the VNeID application; implementing social security payments, only paying pensions, non-cash social insurance (SI) benefits; deploying electronic invoices for business households.

At the same time, announced the operation of a number of platforms and applications of Project 06 in the city, including: Digital Capital Citizen (iHanoi) – Touch to connect to create an important connection channel between government with the people and businesses of the Capital, contributing to creating a favorable business and investment environment, improving administrative reform indicators, and people’s satisfaction.

According to the report on the situation and progress of the implementation of Project 06 of the Government in Hanoi, in the first 6 months of 2024, Hanoi promoted proactiveness, positivity and determination in implementing the contents of work serving the implementation of Project 06/Government; maintaining its position as a pioneering locality, ensuring the progress and roadmap as set out.

Specifically, Hanoi has drastically implemented solutions to clean up population data, household registration, etc. At the same time, the work of collecting citizen identification documents, electronic identification accounts, registration, residence management, and receiving and processing documents on the Online Public Service Portal has been seriously implemented and has completed the assigned targets.

Hanoi has piloted the construction of Electronic Health Books and Electronic Health Records; promoted, mobilized, and guided people to open accounts for non-cash social security payments; deployed a cashless vehicle parking fee collection model; piloted the issuance of Criminal Records on the VNeID application… Basically, the city has implemented everything seriously, with fast progress and clear, specific results.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh and delegates experience smart meeting room applications of Hanoi city.

Hanoi deploys electronic invoices generated from cash registers to prevent tax and budget losses; pilots cashless payment of fees and charges when performing administrative procedures using dynamic QR codes…

However, there is still a situation where people and businesses have not yet performed public services partially or completely on the Public Service Portals. The city has not yet completed the digitization and reuse of digitized records and results of administrative procedure settlement related to personal information and documents in receiving and settling administrative procedures. In addition, there are still some difficulties and problems in the field of social insurance; collecting electronic identification records; piloting cashless parking fee collection at static parking lots; issuing Criminal Record Certificates on VNeID…

Speaking at the conference, Minister of Health Dao Hong Lan congratulated Hanoi city on achieving important results in implementing Project 06 of the Government, thereby practically serving people and agencies. , enterprise. At the same time, he said that based on Hanoi’s experience, the Ministry will actively deploy it in the remaining localities nationwide to associate digital transformation with the implementation of Project 06 in the health sector…

Senior Lieutenant General Luong Tam Quang, Minister of Public Security, highly appreciated Hanoi’s good and creative ways.

Senior Lieutenant General Luong Tam Quang, Minister of Public Security, highly appreciated Hanoi’s good and creative ways. The results of implementing Project 06/Government have had a positive impact on all aspects of the city’s social life. The project has brought efficiency step by step, changing thinking in management; change the working habits and practices of officials and civil servants; Cut down administrative procedures, save time and costs of people and businesses.

Speaking at the conference, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh praised the results that Hanoi city has achieved in implementing Project 06/Government.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh affirmed that digital transformation is an objective requirement and an inevitable trend of the world in the era of the 4th industrial revolution; Digital transformation has been going to every alley, knocking on every house, reaching every person. Vietnam identifies digital transformation as a strategic choice and top priority for rapid, sustainable development, transitioning from a brown economy to a green economy. The Prime Minister calls on ministries, branches and localities to localities and the whole society strongly promote socio-economic development based on digital transformation, science and technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh shared that one of the “bright spots” of digital transformation in our country in the past 2 years is Project 06 “Developing applications of population data, electronic identification and authentication to serve National digital transformation period 2022-2025, vision to 2030”.

The Government and the Prime Minister have identified Project 06 as a key and important task of national digital transformation, serving as a basis for transforming the way people and businesses live, work, and produce based on digital technology. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City were chosen as pilot cities to implement Project 06.

According to the Prime Minister, in recent times, the leadership, direction, management and implementation work has been carried out resolutely and synchronously by the Hanoi Party Committee, People’s Committee, departments, branches and sectors with high determination, creating positive changes; connection and sharing with the national population database continues to be promoted, creating convenience in providing online public services to people and businesses…

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh praised the efforts, attempts and achievements of Hanoi city in implementing Project 06 in recent times.

Reviewing the outstanding results in the implementation of Project 06 of Hanoi, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh commended the efforts, attempts and achievements of Hanoi in implementing Project 06 in the past time; at the same time, pointed out a number of shortcomings and limitations that Hanoi needs to overcome and lessons learned. Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh emphasized that in order to successfully complete the socio-economic development goals of the capital by 2025, especially promoting digital transformation and effectively implementing Project 06, the task is extremely heavy, but extremely important.

The Prime Minister requested ministries, branches and localities nationwide to uphold their sense of responsibility, “not say no, not say difficult, not say yes but not do”, promote the determination “say and do, do, do and get results”, “only discuss doing, do not discuss backing down”.

Emphasizing the particularly important role and position as the Capital, the national political – administrative center, the major economic – cultural – scientific – educational center of the country, Prime Minister Pham Minh It is a requirement that Hanoi must be a leading locality in the process of innovation and development of digital economy, digital society, digital citizens, towards a civilized and modern society.

In particular, Hanoi must closely follow the key issues in the 2024 theme of Project 06 which is “Completing technological infrastructure; digitize, connect, and share data to serve the building of a digital government, digital economy, digital society, and digital citizens.”

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh requested that Hanoi city focus on 5 main goals in implementing Project 06 in Hanoi in the coming time: Creating the most favorable conditions for people and businesses to easily access all services and amenities; Reduce costs in terms of time, material, and compliance costs; control risks, repel negativity, reduce troubles and harassment for people and businesses; developing digital infrastructure, digital platforms, digital data; ensure network security, information security and personal data protection.

Emphasizing the main tasks and solutions in the coming time, the Prime Minister pointed out that Hanoi must focus on perfecting mechanisms and policies, improving the investment and business environment, enhancing competitiveness; reviewing and simplifying administrative procedures, abolishing unnecessary procedures that cause trouble for people and businesses to effectively implement Project 06 in Hanoi.

Hanoi continues to promote integration, connection, sharing, and exploitation of records digitization results and electronic administrative procedure settlement results between Hanoi’s administrative procedure settlement information systems through through the National Public Service Portal. At the same time, focus on simplifying and restructuring administrative processes and procedures to improve the quantity and quality of online public services provided to people.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh and delegates performed the ceremony of operating the platforms and applications of Project 06.

“Hanoi strives to reach 100% of results for resolving electronic administrative procedures; The rate of digitization of records and results of administrative procedures reaches at least 80%; The rate of exploitation and reuse of information and digitized data reaches at least 50%; The issuance of personal electronic health records reached 100%, along with 100% of teachers and employees being granted personal digital signatures,” the Prime Minister pointed out.

The Prime Minister requested Hanoi to promote non-cash payments and promote digital transformation in tax management in the area; strive for 100% of beneficiaries to enjoy non-cash payment services by 2025; 100% of domestic and cross-border food and beverage establishments, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, shopping malls and e-commerce to provide direct retail electronic invoices…

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh believes that, with determination, intelligence, solidarity, innovation and the participation of the entire political system, in the coming time Hanoi in particular and the country in general will continue to Effectively deploy Project 06, bringing many successes, new victories and specific, practical benefits for people and businesses.

Sincerely accepting the Prime Minister’s guidance, Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee Tran Sy Thanh affirmed that in the coming time, the city will continue to effectively implement the Government’s Project 06, recruiting new people. People-centered, thereby contributing to accelerating the formation of digital government, digital society, digital citizens… to build a “Civilized – Civilized – Modern” Capital.

* Within the framework of the conference, the leaders of the Central Government, Hanoi City and delegates followed the presentation on the utility of the platforms and applications of Project 06 in Hanoi. The special presentation simulated Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology performed by the robot “Happy Hanoi”, combined with interaction with the host at the event.

At the Conference, Hanoi city announced the operation of platforms and applications to implement the city’s Project 06, including: Digital Citizen Platform (iHanoi); Hanoi City Electronic Health Record platform (EHR – Electric Health Record), Electronic Health Book (PHR – Personal Health Record), Paperless Meeting Room platform (eCabinet)./.

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